Very few projects we undertake we would consider routine. It is usual for us to complete a detailed analysis of site, context and precedents. In consultation with clients, design and cost options are examined and a final proposal prepared.

The YoYo Take-a-way below is an example of a brief that developed from a themed interior aimed at a particular market.

Not all our work is commissioned, some we have 'championed' with involvement in project conception as directors, such as B Bond studios, the Orbit Millennium Project, and in national or international design competition (theatres, Sky Screen).

'Special projects' are not only found on this page and successful examples can be found elsewhere on this web site.

proposed pedestrian bridge & theatres

Royal Theatre Copenhagen
international design competition entry

Theatre Amah, Ireland
international competition entry

sketch of theatre entrance, restaurant & studios
rotating carbon fibre tower by Waterloo Bridge
Mercurys' oblisk at project launch

Sky Screen landmark structure
MOMI London
competition entry - commended by judges

Orbit Orrary
Millennium Project, Bristol
Championed Bristol wide to scale 9 planet & sun orrary in millennium configuration, with wide support incl. artists, musicians, theatre groups, councillors, national press & many others

'prow' of kiosk below  Hungerford Bridge
Cleopatra Kiosk
competition proposal based on cylinder used to transport column from Egypt
Marina 'Capitainerie'
competition short listed last 3
disused bonded warehouse
stone resin table with monitors
Open Space
B Bond, Bristol
Project championed use for low cost workshops, studios & exhibition space
YoYo Take-a-way
restaurant trial of design theme with success

1st phase site layout
Residents & Staff Housing, & Club facilities
(1st phase)
Jagborerma, Daru, Sierra Leone
sketch design & support